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Tax Anticipation Notes

(Cash Management)

McDonald & Associates acts as Financial Advisor to school districts and provides documentation assistance in submitting an application requesting approval to participate in a Tax Anticipation Note program. The application is reviewed by the Oklahoma State Department of Education with approval or disapproval made by the Oklahoma School and County Funds Management Commission.

After Schools receive approval from the Commission to participate in a Tax Anticipation Program, McDonald & Associates works with Stephens, Inc. as underwriters; Don Kiser as special counsel to the Trust and BancFirst as Trustee. The Certificates of Indebtedness issued by the schools are sold to provide funds to the school district during periods of inadequate cash flow.

The Tax Anticipation Program strives to provide funds to the school district at the lowest possible interest rate.

If you have any questions, please contact J.C. Leonard at 405.329.0123, ext. 30.

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